Can't mount 2.0.30 - kernel panic (Slackware 3.4)

Can't mount 2.0.30 - kernel panic (Slackware 3.4)

Post by David J. Toppe » Tue, 09 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Sorry if this is a repost.  I could have sworn I posted this last night
from home ... but do not see it in the group!?

I've just recompiled my 2.0.30 kernel with all necessary options.
Sadly, I get that infamous error:

    kernel panic:  can't mount VFS on 8:01

I'm using LILO.
I *can* boot the aha2x4x kernel image that came with slackware
I've tried compiling SCSI support (including low level drivers and
"generic" support) both as modules and as "monolithic."  Same problem in
both cases.

I suspect something needs to be loaded to recognize my SCSI controller
... and it's not being loaded.  But what?

Any ideas?

David Topper
Technical Director - *ia Center for Computer Music
Programmer Analyst - School of Arts and Sciences


Can't mount 2.0.30 - kernel panic (Slackware 3.4)

Post by ELVI » Tue, 09 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I used to get this all the time with


in the Makefile.  I found (through trial & error) that this goes
away when I point ROOT to the correct drive for my system:

ROOT = /dev/sdb1 (or /dev/hda1 or /dev/whatever)

It's the first thing I change in the Makefile whenever I recompile.  The
last three upgrades worked first time.  It would be nice if this were
documented somewhere.


>I've just recompiled my 2.0.30 kernel with all necessary options.
>Sadly, I get that infamous error:

>    kernel panic:  can't mount VFS on 8:01


1. PPP failure on Slackware 3.4, Kernel 2.0.30

I've been having some trouble trying to dial into my ISP with Linux.

The ISP is running some sort of dedicated modem box with an ISDN connection.
modem box has an NT using PAP authorisation on the backend. I can dial into
the ISP
without any trouble.

Using Linux, I've only ever had one connection. The rest of the time, I've
had a situation
where the IPCP phase seems to be haggling with the ISP end for an IP addr.
the addr negotiation is failing. This keeps going for an undetermined period
of time.

I'm using PPP V2.2.0f and I've tried setting scripts up using the pppsetup
utility under
slackware. I've also rewritten the scripts and added things like an asyncmap
0 setting
which wasn't done by default. (also tried a0000). I've also tried specifying
a dummy
IP addr pair and then using ipcp-accept-local and ipcp-accept-remote to try
to force the
negotiation to complete.

I'm basically using the following parameters at the moment:

19200   # Dropped down to a lower speed for testing.
asyncmap 0 # also tried 0xa0000
name "xxxxx"
connect :chat -v -f /etc/ppp/cnetscript"

The ISP is using some sort of masquerading so the addr that the server sends
as its own addr is The address it assigned my machine on the one
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Any help/suggestions as to what the problem might be would be appreciated.
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Regards, CJS.

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