Adaptec AHA-1742 with IBM DPES-31080 harddisk

Adaptec AHA-1742 with IBM DPES-31080 harddisk

Post by Stephan Marwede » Wed, 15 May 1996 04:00:00

I have just bought a new IBM DPES harddisk and attached it to my SCSI
adapter which is a AHA-1742. Linux installed quite well, but after the
installation the system always crashed during the boot up, right after
the INIT process is displaying its message.
Does anyone know if there is a problem with this kind of SCSI
adapter-disk combination? How must the AHA-1742 be configured? Is there
a special jumper on the harddisk which I don't know about?
I hope anyone out there has a nice hint for me where to look for a
solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance,



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I have problems with my new IBM DPES-31080 under Linux 1.2.9.
My configuration is:
        Intel 486-50 ISA
        Linux 1.2.9
        Adaptec 1542CF
        Toshiba CD-ROM XM-3601TA        SCSI-ID 3
        IBM DPES-31080                  SCSI-ID 0
        SEAGATE ST11200N                SCSI-ID 1

When I tried to install Linux on the IBM-HD (from CDROM), the system
startet to work, but later during the installtion the SCSI-Bus locked
(crashed, don't know the right word). Then I decided to use the
Seagate HD for Linux and the IBM HD for DOS. The Seagate HD works well
with Linux and the IBM HD with DOS.
Now I have the problem when accessing the DOS partition from Linux the
SCSI Bus locks sometimes and I have to press the reset button.

Is there anybody knowing something about this problem. Is the there a
solution or workaround (new firmware for the IBM or newer kernel or


Matthias Hammer
FG Flugmechanik und Regelungstechnik       Dept. Flightmechanics and Control
THD - FB 16                                Technical University of Darmstadt
Petersenstrasse 30
64287 Darmstadt

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