RedHat 5.0 Help

RedHat 5.0 Help

Post by Jo?o Miguel Roqu » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I've installed RedHat 5.0 in my computer, but now it becomes very very slow.

The computer is a Pentium MMX 200MHz with 32Mb of RAM and one HD of 1Gb. I
also created a SWAP of 32Mb.

I realy don't understand why it's so slow (X takes 5min to load, and a
connection to Internet takes 3min.).

Before this instalation i've worked with Slackware in this same machine and
it was very fast.

Best regards,
Miguel Roque


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the MBR.  Where I'm getting stuck is at the login. During the
installation i gave it a password.  At the prompt where I read
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