support for parallel-port ZIP drive under redhat 4.2 ?

support for parallel-port ZIP drive under redhat 4.2 ?

Post by Gerard Olac » Fri, 01 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> we've got one of the parallel-port ZIP drives around here.  can i use
> it
> with redhat 4.2 ?

Check out  You'll find drivers for
zip drives and other parallel port devices for linux systems.  I don't
know if there are any peculiarities with RedHat 4.2 that would cause
problems. I have heard that you can't use your printer if you're using
the zip drive on the same printer port in linux systems, but that may
have changed by now.  Alternatively, you can attach a second parallel
port to you system.

good luck


p.s. copy posted to discussion group


1. support for parallel-port ZIP drive under redhat 4.2 ?

Yes.  Enable the PPA SCSI adapter in the kernel.  There's also a HOWTO
about how to set it up.

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