Install Problem with Buslogic Multimaster 948

Install Problem with Buslogic Multimaster 948

Post by Steven Kokino » Sun, 30 Jun 1996 04:00:00


I've been trying to install linux (tried with both SlackWare 3.0 and Redhat 2.1 CD's)
on my Micron SMP Powerserver.  I have the multimaster 948 SCSI card from Buslogic in
it and have tried using the SCSI (slackware) and boot0027.img (RedHat) floppy images.

For both I get the 0 hosts detected, 0 scsi devices message during the initial boot

When I go into Win 95, I can see the address of the controller is FCFC-FCFF.  I have
tried many different command line arguments but still haven't had any luck.  Has
anyone had any similar problems with this scsi card?  Thanks in advance.



1. BusLogic MultiMaster BT-948 (RedHat 4.1)

I would appreciate any help, PLEASE.  I am trying to install RedHat 4.1
onto a new system.  I have a BusLogic MultiMaster BT-948 SCSI card.  I
am doing a ftp install.  However, when I run the boot and supp
installations disk I get to the promt for SCSI adapters, I answer "yes",
and then select BusLogic, and "auto-probe".  But I get an error message
returned saying "no SCSI devices found"...

Any ideas?

Are there any parameters that I can run to manualy configure and specify
parameters that will recognize the BusLogic card?

I would appreciate it if you could respond to my e-mail address also,

Thank you.

Cameron Ninham


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