Redhat 4.1 + OS/2 + Win95

Redhat 4.1 + OS/2 + Win95

Post by Bill Pridge » Wed, 11 Jun 1997 04:00:00

My summer project is to install Redhat Linux and learn how to use it.

Present setup:

Drive 0(Seagate IDE, 1.06G) -- Win95 on C:(FAT), OS/2 on F:(HPFS),
Programs on E:(FAT)
Drive 1(WD IDE, 3.1G) -- D:(FAT), G:(HPFS), H:(HPFS, nothing on it).

Vision USTech computer with an IBM Cyrix 6x86 133 and 1996 Award BIOS
with LBA.  32MB RAM.

I would like to install Redhat 4.1 in H: on the second hd.  It is
approximately 1G, which can be changed with Partition Magic.  I want to
keep Win95 and OS/2.

Q1:  The installation itself looks pretty straightforward, but what do I
have to do before I start the installation?  What must I do to the
partition before I can install Linux to it?

Q2:  Should I create several smaller partitions instead of the one large

(I have no experience with Linux whatsoever  -- as if you couldn't

Bill Pridgen

San Antonio


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