FYI: "linux" vs. "console" and telnet

FYI: "linux" vs. "console" and telnet

Post by Shawn T. Rutled » Wed, 22 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I think I recently posted my problem with not being able to telnet to one
machine on my network at home.  The machine runs 1.3.37.  I also had the
problem that most programs that did anything other than the simplest IO
to the screen didn't run anymore (vi, less, etc; kermit and more worked
though).  Well it turned out the two are related:  it seems somebody
changed the default terminal type from "console" to "linux" in the new kernels
and so termcap needs a new entry to deal with it.  Or, what I did was
explicitly specify in my inittab a terminal type for each getty, thereby
overriding the default.  Thereafter telnet worked OK; apparently it doesn't
allow a session to be opened if it doesn't know how to deal with the terminal

What I don't understand is that in inittab, I didn't specify "console", but
"con80x25" for some vc's and con80x43 on one and con132x50 on another.  I
have a Trident card so those modes should be supported.  But they all come
up 80x25, and when I check the environment variable $TERM from any VC
I get "console".  Why?  What else do I have to change to get the extended
modes?  On my other machine, which runs 1.2.something, I don't have any explicit
termtypes in inittab, all the VC's are 80x25, and the environment variable
is set to "con80x25" also.


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