HELP - RedHat 5.1 hangs up during install

HELP - RedHat 5.1 hangs up during install

Post by Stephen M. Pereir » Fri, 23 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hello all,

First of all I am trying to install into a Sun Sparc Classic, 207 MB
hard drive, 24 MB RAM, no-name external scsi CDROM.

Here's my situation:
I had created the Boot and Ramdisk floppies prior to receipt of the
software by downloading the latest disk images from the Red Hat web

When I received the software, I saw the errata message that the Sparc
Linux cannot boot from floppy, so I put CD #1 into my CDROM drive and
did a "boot CDROM".

The installation program booted fine and I started a full install.

When presented with the task to partition my hard disk, I selected the
's' command to set up a new Sun disk label.  This produced three
partitions: ~150 MB Linux Native, ~50 MB Linux Swap, and a "whole disk"
partition.  I wrote this to disk and exited.

Next, the installation program asked me to set the partition names.  I
set the 150 MB partition to '/', and left the swap partition alone.

Then the installation process went on to set up the swap area.  I
selected format with checking for bad blocks and set it off.  The
thermometer dialog comes up and the thermometer fills from left to right
in about 30 seconds or so.  Then the dialog box disappears and I am left
with only the blue screen - no dialog box, just the title up top and the
generic navigation text down bottom.  The computer sits this way without
changing or any other indication at all.  There is never any problem
report from the format process.

That's it.  The computer just hangs there.  I am able to get the
computer's attention with L1-a and reset from there.

So, I also tried this whole thing using the Boot and Ramdisk floppies,
and choosing installation from the CDROM.  Again, all goes fine to the
swap area format process.  A slightly different thing happens after the
swap area format, though:

The computer then reports an error indicating that it cannot find the
installation files.  I am offered a menu to select what to do next, but
basically I can select anything I want but I always get bounced back to
the menu again and I cannot proceed.

I can get the computer's attention with L1-a and reset from there.

Now I have effectively erased the Sun OS 4.1.3 from my hard disk, and my
computer is useless.  Please help me to finish this installation so I
can have my computer back.

Thanks in advance for your attention,

- - - - -
Stephen M. Pereira


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