Can't get Boca internal 56K voice/data/fax modem to work

Can't get Boca internal 56K voice/data/fax modem to work

Post by Scott Simpso » Thu, 15 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Linux 2.X kernel, Boca 56K internal voice/data/fax modem

I have a Boca 56K internal modem that is responding *very* slowly.
When I type "AT", it responds with "OK" after about 15 to 20 seconds.
I have PNP turned off (otherwise Linux doesn't recognize my modem
is even there), I am using IRQ 10 (currently unused. Tried 5 too,
same problem) and I'm talking to the modem at 38.4K (tried higher
speeds too. No luck). I'm talking to the modem with kermit. Any ideas
why the modem is responding so slowly?


1. Which internal 56K voice/fax/data modem works with Linux?

Ok I get the sarcasm from this group, "don't buy a winmodem"

But which one's are winmodems and which ones will work. They aren't all
stamped "WinModem - don't buy!"

The FAQs and HOWTOs seem to have been written back when 28K was the
new kid on the block and could do with some updating.


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