Help: setup name-based or port-based virtual web host.

Help: setup name-based or port-based virtual web host.

Post by Juping J » Mon, 28 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I hope I post the question at correct place. If not, please forgive me.

I am running Slackware linux 4.0 with Apache 1.3.6, and would like to setup
virtual hosts.

Following the documentation coming with apache, first I tried name-based.
At the end of httpd.conf, added the following lines:
(I only tested it with loopback address)



        DocumentRoot /home/myaccount/public_html


        DocumentRoot /home/another/public_html

Then I fired up apache server, run netscape, open
The browser complained that it cannot resolve name So I added
above two name in /etc/hosts, both point to Restart apache server
and browser. Now both virtual hosts points to main_server's root (say,
/usr/local/apache/htdocs), not the location specified in VirtualHost section.
Aparantly, DocumentRoot in VirtualHost section did not take effect. And
apache documentation didn't say that those names should appear in /etc/hosts

Next, I tried port-based virtual hosts. Added Listen directives in main part
and put respective port number for each virtual host as:
<VirtualHost>, kept others the same. After fired up server and
browser, I can only open the location as specified, but not
the name as (without putting them in /etc/hosts file), although
this time, they pointed to correct locations specified by DocumentRoot.

Could someone point out what I did wrong? Your time and suggestions are highly



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I am hosting several web sites at the same IP address and I don't intend
to provide a default host.

(Example: Let's say I am hosting and at I want to show an appropriate error message for all
requests to, i.e., any requests that don't use a FQHN.)

Obviously, I could declare a default host that serves a single HTML file
with a message such as, "Please always use the FQHN when requesting web
pages hosted at this address" (or sth to that effect), but that would
automatically send a 200 code with the response, which doesn't strike me
as correct.

I am not quite sure what HTTP error code to generate. Several candidates
look like they mey be appropriate, e.g.,

403 Forbidden
409 Conflict
501 Not Implemented

Any input?


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