RH 6.2 Install

RH 6.2 Install

Post by netcruise » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I would like to create a CD to install RH 6.2 with my current sytem. I
have the hardware but require the disk image. How would I go about
burning the image? I downloaded the .iso file, but when I'm finished
burning, all I have is a .iso file on a CD. I'm using Nero 4.x.x.x with
the ISO option. Any suggestions? Thanks.

1. A bit of help or hacking on RH 6.2 Install on 20gig

I have a 20 gig and when i try and partition the drive, fdisk and disk druid
say that its only 8.4 gigs.  disk druid and fdisk say its (CHS) 1027,255,63
and my bios says its 1024,255,63.  I don't know how to install linux with a
LBA option in redhat 6.2 and i have looked through LDP, and a few other docs
but can't find anyway to do.  Someone said to try and use Partition Magic in
an earlier post, but i am bandwidth senstive and don't have the means to
really download a 43meg prog unless I want to wait a day and a half.  So, if
anyone know anywork arounds that will help me so that i don't have to
recreate the wheel it would be most kind (since i can't spell apriciated).


oh and i have tried to enter in CHS manualy in fdisk, if there is a trick i
am missing tell me.

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