Linux Linux+Win95 mini-HOWTO (part 1/1)

Linux Linux+Win95 mini-HOWTO (part 1/1)

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- --- BEGIN Linux Linux+Win95 mini-HOWTO part 1/1 ---

   Linux and Windows 95 can get along quite well on the same hard disk.
   Not only that, Linux can mount, read, and write to Win95's VFAT
   partitions (only using the 8.3 standard though). I have heard rumors
   (some from #linux) that there is a VFAT kernel patch. If this does
   exist please mail me about it and I can try to help. It helps having
   SCSI working before you embark on a project of this magnitude.
So, your C: drive is sliced up into:

           300M |/dev/hda1 C: DOS/FAT (Win 3.11/DOS 6.22)
 BIOS   C:      |---------------
  528 M    212M |/dev/hda2 / (root partition) Linux ext2
           16M  |/dev/hda3 /dev/swap (linux Swap partition, 16M of it ;)

   Before you do anything, make sure you have LILO installed on your HD
   and working AND have a working bootdisk!

   GO ahead and install Windows 95 right over Win3.11/DOS 6.22. This
   re-routes your MBR to boot-up Windows 95 directly, but it should work
   (It has for me multiple times, with multiple betas and the final
   release of Win95.)

   If you didn't pick up on it already, you won't get a LILO prompt when
   you boot up. DON'T PANIC! Simply drop that boot-disk into drive A: and
   reboot. If this is a boot disk you made with your current (or
   previous) kernel image, it should boot right into your Linux partition
   right away. If you are like me and didn't keep a boot disk around get
   the boot144 (or boot122) Slackware install floppy off of tsx-11 and
   create that disk. The first time you get a pause type "mount
   /dev/hda2" (or whatever your Linux partiton is).

   At this point you should be back in Linux. Login as root and run the
   program 'liloconfig'. Hit '6' to recycle your current lilo
   configuration. do a shutdown -r now to reboot to see if it works (it
   should). You'll get your LILO prompt back and should be able to dual
   boot into either OS.

Multiple HD Configs:

   Many people wnat to keep a separate HD for Linux, and a separate one
   for DOS, with good reason. There are about 3 possible ways to do this.

1:      2 separate disks, C: just DOS/FAT and D: just Linux/ext2
2:      2 'overlapping disks', physical C: partitioned into a small DOS
        partition with the rest of the disk for Linux while D: is totally
        DOS/FAT running Win95
3:      ????? (help me on this one ;)

   Two is the situation I have on my own machine (known as

   For all of these situations just adapt my instructions from the first
   1/2 of this HOWTO: make sure you use YOUR partition names and not
   mine. (imagine running mkswap /dev/hdb1 when that is your root


- --- END Linux Linux+Win95 mini-HOWTO part 1/1 ---

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