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I've used various data comm systems for years.  CI$, FIDO, RIME etc.
Throughout this time I have helped (I hope) and been helped by many;
particularly on the conferences related to the Clipper xBase development
language.  In those conferences there is always a sense of sharing and
giving of ideas and info with no strings attached.  Very few of the
'my ..... is better than your ....'.
It is very refreshing to find another group of people with that same
goal.  There will always be the minor skirmishes I'm sure.  But the
majority of the conversations I see here are to the benefit of all.
Since I'm a 'newbie' here, I just wanted to say thanks for the help.
Not only have my questions been answered in the newsgroups but my
mailbox overflows as well.


BTW: I see several of the same names here that I've seen, and become
aquainted with in the Clipper confs.  Must be the freedom philospohy ????

Tim Cook - LINUX Lover!


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I'm putting together a web-site about what I call
the "Free Systems Philosophy". Unlike the Free
Software Philosophy, the Free Systems Philosophy
is a lot less judgemental against developers who
have to write proprietary High-End applications to
support themselves ... but strongly maintains that
Operating Systems need to be free.

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