Linux on an HP Vectra XU 6/200

Linux on an HP Vectra XU 6/200

Post by William T. Trotte » Thu, 22 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I have tried twice to install Linux on my new pc,
an HP Vectra with two 200 mhz pentium pro processors,
one time with Redhat 3.0.3 Linux and one time with
Debian 1.1.  In both cases, I wasn't able to get
the job done. Part of the problem may have been
that I want to be able to dual boot (using Lilo)
with Windows NT.  A more detailed equipment list follows.  
If anyone has been able to do a Linux install on a
dual processor HP and is willing to share some details
by email, I would be most grateful.
Thanks in advance.

HP Vectra XU 6/200  dual 200mhz pentium pro processors
128 mb ram
AWE 32 PnP
Two 2gb HP Fast SCSI-2 hard disk drives
4x scsi cdrom
SureStore Tape 5000

Tom Trotter
William T. Trotter   Regents' Professor and Chair
Department of Mathematics,  ASU,  Tempe  AZ 85287



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Vectra Xu/200 but I understand there may be issues with the onboard scsi
controller. Could anyone who has succesfully done this installation (or
the earlier Redhat 4.2) share with me any problems I should be on the
lookout for?

Many thanks, Dan


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