Reinstalling Linux, RedHat 5.1

Reinstalling Linux, RedHat 5.1

Post by Glenn Stauff » Mon, 18 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I seemed to have really screwed up my Linux system to the point where it
won't recognize the network card and I'm getting module dependency errors
on boot.  The system boots; I've just lost the network.

What I'd like to do is restore the Linux installation so that all the
libraries are there, but I don't want to lose software I've installed -
in particular my Apache web server and an Oracle database.

Any way to do this?

Thanks, Glenn Stauffer


1. Reinstalling X on Redhat 5.1

Sorry, i'm a newbie at this...but i setup redhat 5.1 on my system this
weekend and I've seem to have broken it. 8o)

I was trying to install Gnome over my X-server and the Gtk+, Gtk10+, Glib
packages were too old, and i had conflicts all over the place.  I replaced
them by taking out all the dependent packages on the old ones, then
installing the recommended versions, then reinstalling the dependent
packages over it.  But, it didn't work.  I lost the ability to run the
control-panel package (something about missing a function), as well as the
xsystem is running kinda squirrely.(to add to this, Gnome still didn't work
right, i couldn't start it without using a console once FVWM was
loaded...then both were running)  So, I yanked the new ones(as well as all
the gnome), and re-installed the old ones, but i had script errors, and it
still didn't work.

How would somebody go about de- then re-installing a huge part of linux like
this?  I'd like to stick to the rpm method, if possible, because i have a
rudimentary understanding of it, but am open to other possibilities.  I
would also like to find out what went wrong, but i can do that once i learn
some more.

Also, how do you make a shortcut on the desktop?

thanks much,

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