Using CD-RW for backup, best plan?

Using CD-RW for backup, best plan?

Post by Walter Franci » Fri, 16 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I just received an HP 7200i drive, which is set up and writes CD-R's
just fine.  I am planning on using the drive for backups (among other
things of course..:)

I am sure this has been done before, so what's the best package to look
at for CD backups?  From as simple as splitting tar's to mkisofs to
cdrecord, or more complicated..  I don't have a lot of free disk space,
defiantely not enough to make a complete ISO image, so something that
could go straight from hard disk to cdrecord would probably be best.  It
seems it would not be a problem even on my wimpy system, X with KDE,
KDM, Netscape, online browsing writing a CD-R with cdrecord, the buffer
only dropped to 93% FIFO, seems quite safe..


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We are considering using CD-RW for backups, instead of tape drives.  I
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Does anyone have actual experience of performing backups to CD-RW on a
regular basis over a long term?

Thanks for any & all feedback.

-Lee Allen

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