Can't run lilo

Can't run lilo

Post by Jack H » Thu, 23 Nov 1995 04:00:00


Help!  I can't run lilo from shell or from 'make zlilo' or from 'make install'
after compiling the kernel.  Everytime I run lilo, I get an error message
telling me
that my vmlinux or vmlinuz is too big.  Now, I am stucked.  I can't install my
newly compiled kernel and I can't go back to the old one, because the
has been changed.



1. HD Boot doesn't want to run LILO (I see 'LI')

I am setting up an older PC as a firewall and cannot get it to boot off of
the hard drive.

I had this problem with an older 386 and figured that it was just the
machine dying slowly.  Now, I am setting up a 486-100 and see the same

When I boot up the machine all goes well until LILO wants to start.  I only
see "LI" and then nothing else.  What gives?  Anybody have any ideas?


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