1.1.94 Kernel +NCR810 + Quantum LPS540 + Mitsumi 2x FX001D Problem

1.1.94 Kernel +NCR810 + Quantum LPS540 + Mitsumi 2x FX001D Problem

Post by Ari Rosentha » Thu, 02 Mar 1995 12:51:41

I am trying to upgrade from my 1.1.19 kernel, and the 1.1.94 kernel does
not want to recognize my Quantum Hard Drive.  Further more, it insists on
putting the Mitsumi CD-ROM  drive at IRQ 10, not at IRQ 11 as I set the
card to.  IRQ 10 is the SCSI drive.  What do I need to do to get a kernel
to work?
My system is:

        Zenon Z-Optimus II PCI
        486 DX/2 66
        ASUS AP4 motherboard 16 MB RAM 256kb Cache
        ASUS PCI-200 SCSI II card
        Mitsumi CD-ROM 2x FX001D
        ATI mach32 PCI

Please help...
Please also e-mail any responses  to me.  I don't always get a chance to
read the whole newsgroup due to a overkill schedule.


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thanks and foomshanka

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