HELP: Install problems w/ Redhat 5.1 CD from Linux Mall

HELP: Install problems w/ Redhat 5.1 CD from Linux Mall

Post by Ben Hirashim » Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am really stuck trying to install Redhat Linux 5.1 from a CD i got
from Linux Mall. Everything goes well until the various packages are
being installed. It gets about a quarter of the way through the
packages, then i get a series of errors in pop-up windows that look like

RPM install gawk failed
unpacking of archive failed on file
no space left on device


RPM install ghostscript failed
unpacking of archive failed on file
1: Success


RPM install gimp failed
unpacking of archive failed on file
1: No such file or directory

and so on...

i created a 970MB partition for the root and a 48MB one for the swap
partition using fdisk. i'm installing using a boot floppy and the
CD-ROM. has anyone ever seen this problem? the CD seems to be in mint
condition. any advice will be greatly appreciated...



1. Burn RedHat 5.1 to CD - Will install read Joliet CD?

Hi, folks.

I was thinking about burning RedHat 5.1 to a CD.  My CD burning
software (at the office) only burns Joliet extension CD's.

Does anyone know if the RedHat 5.1 install can be run from a Joliet
CD?  I'd like to find out before I waste a CD-R and make myself
another beverage coaster.

(FWIW, when doing the install from an IDE drive I *did* discover that
RedHat 5.1 cannot be installed from a FAT32 partition, only a FAT16

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