LILO hangs- HELP

LILO hangs- HELP

Post by mlmil.. » Sun, 31 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hi, I just installed the Official Red Hat 4.2 and when I tried to boot
LILO, which I installed to the MBR, would hang after just printing the
first L.
It wasn't able to get back in to Win95 either so I had to uninstall LILO
in order to restart windows.  
Now I'm not sure what to do to get back into Linux or what was wrong
with LILO.  The User's Guide that comes with it doesn't say how to
install LILO except for when you install all of Linux.
I also looked at the HOWTO for LILO and searched through some of the
newsgroups, but couldn't find any help.  I have a HDD with LBA but I
enabled linear mode when I first installed it, so I dont think that
would cause the problem.
So, does anyone know how to install LILO seperately from the full Linux
And, does anyone know what might be wrong with LILO that would cause it
to hang?

Thanks for any help.


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OK, as a linux newbie, I guess I need some help here....  I have a
multi-boot system with multiple hard drives:

disk 1 - 2gb ide fat with ntloader (shared data drive)
disk 2 - 10 gb ide ntfs NT wks 4 system)
disk 3 - 3 gb ide fat32 (win98 system)
disk 4 - ide cd rom
disk 5 - 1 gb scsi jazz (id 0, aha2940 set to mount removeable media as

I am attempting to install redhat 6 to my jazz drive, and the install seemed
to go well (900 mb linux native + 120 mb swap) but I cannot get linux to
boot without using the boot floppy.  I have followed the instructions for
multiboot linux with NT, and also set my bios to boot scsi first, but both
yield the same results: LILO starts to load, but gets only as far as "LI"
and hangs.  I have tried the linear setting, but no help.

Any advice (other than removing other OS's)?

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