Announcement: Red Hat 5.2 ISO Image ~500MB ready to download and burn

Announcement: Red Hat 5.2 ISO Image ~500MB ready to download and burn

Post by Seth D. Galitz » Fri, 12 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I'll say they're working.  I went to the uark site and got a download
rate of 300+ K/s!!!  This is fast even for our T1.

Can't wait to burn this sucker!


>Hello everybody,

>I noticed some users asked for it, so I did some digging here and
>there and these are the results:


>I would also recommend another distribution "Mandrake 5.2", which is
>basically a Red Hat 5.2 distribution + KDE. The authors say:

>"[Mandrake is for] newbies who want to have an easy-to-use linux
>"(...)Inside Linux Mandrake, KDE is fully integrated with the GPLd
>RedHat. It's the default desktop-manager. You don't have to configure
>KDE anymore(...)"
>"Linux -Mandrake 5.x is 100% compatible with RedHat 5.x!"

>More information at



>I checked each and every one of these links and they are all working
>as at January 07, 1999. However, I did *not* test any of the images
>myself, so I can't guarantee if they'll run OK. My advice for you
>downloaders? Check with the server admin in advance.

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>This is my little contribution to Linux community...
>Hope you'll enjoy it,

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