I already RTFM, but am still having problems

I already RTFM, but am still having problems

Post by Thomas A. Spraggi » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Any hints will be greatly appreciated!

I have the following PC  --

        90 MHz Pentium
        Dolphin 8000 AT Series CD drive (supposedly Sony CDU31A compatible)
                with a port address of 340 (not 300)
        All-in-One Ethernet Card -- NE2000 compatible
        Diamond/Stealth 64 DRAM SVGA card
        AMI BIOS

Hmmm, what else?

I have tried to install Slackware 2.3, but am having the following troubles:

        1) CD drive not recognized; I've tried bootdisks CDU31A, NET and
        a couple of others, and the COLOR144 rootdisk.

        2) Sometimes (depending on the permutation of bootdisks), the system
        will freeze on booting -- I think this has to do with the NE2000
        (with an IO port of 300), but it may be that this has disappeared
        since I went to Slackware 2.3.  (I've been through a LOT of iterations
        with this.)  In any case, I can't get the network stuff to work, other
        than things like telneting to localhost.

        3) It's not obvious which parameters to use to configure the X system,
        but I really haven't gotten this far.

Some other info: I have a 1.2 GBytes disk which I'm using entirely for Linux --
it's in 4 partitions: a 200(?) Meg Linux native drive, to keep the cylinder
numbers low enough; a 20 Meg Linux swap partition; a 200(?) Meg partition
(DOS 16-bit) for the Linux distribution, since I can't read the CD; and a
800 (?) Meg drive which mounts under /usr.  There's bit of *ing and moaning
from fdisk (Partition xx does not start on a cylinder boundary), but all the
files seem to be accessible.

I know there's a file squirreled away someplace with a record of the last boot
on it, but I've forgotten where it lives.

There are very few people at Morse (where I bought the software), and even
fewer who speak clearly.  Can someone give me some clues?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Spraggins

P.S.  Please send e-mail, and I'll summarize


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