Need Help getting IP address from DHCP servers

Need Help getting IP address from DHCP servers

Post by Jay Harbest » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Help yall!! I am getting connected to a lan that uses DHCP to give IP
addresses and want to know how to get this setup under LINUX!!

Thanks yall in advance!!



1. 3com 905b gets Ip address by using DHCP from NT DHCP server


I have a 3com 905b, which FreeBSD make this device as xl0. I tried get the
IP address from a DHCP server on WinNT4 server(build 1381, sp4).  I can get
the IP address when booting FreeBSD up. But when expire inteval coming up,
FreeBSD cannot get IP from  NT4 again. I tried to ping each other, and ping
result is negative. Could some one give me a suggestion to deal with this
situation. Thank you

PS: WinNT 4 is working functionally and properly.


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