Booting Linux PPC on a 4400 Scsi

Booting Linux PPC on a 4400 Scsi

Post by Josef Gros » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00


this seems similiar to my problems on a 7300. Some guru told me to set
the output to /chaos/controll and the input to keybd, atutoboot to no.
OF might not react to your first try, so you will have to enter this
values a couple of times :-(

I haven't tried this yet, but I sure will

> installation. Everything seems to be OK, everithing bootable. When I
> fix quick to scsi/sd1:0, I see and hear the activity of
> the disk, but nothing at all on the screen. If I change the vars, it's
> worse, and the disk doesn't react. I never succeed into
> booting from vmlinux.coff nor directely from OF (never seen that
> prompt.

see above

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1. PPC 4400 and mol (long)

I'm trying to get mol to run on my PPC4400 and falling short of the
goal.  I get as far as a producing a window filled with a gray (round
cornered) rectangle and the smilin' Mac in the center, but everything
stops there.  

Here's what I'v done so far:
Compiled kernel 2.2.14 with the 603 patches in place;
Installed the kernel and in /boot;
Put the stripped the ROM from my 8.5 CD in /usr/lib/mol/rom as rom.nw;
Put a version 8.6 System on an HFS partitionm and selected that
partition as the startup system with Conflect Catcher;
Put a bootable Zip cartridge in my Zip drive.

Here's what happens:
If I select the Zip as the first device, gray screen - no Smilin' Mac,
no drive activity;
If I select /dev/hda as the first device - gray screen - no smilin' Mac
and sounds of brief activity on the disk drive (no activity LED);
If I select /dev/hda14 ( the HFS bootable partition) as the first device
- gray screen -  smilin' Mac and sounds of brief activity on the disk.

In all cases the launching window displays:

# startmol
Using MOL library directory /usr/lib/mol
Mac-on-Linux 0.9.38

Using resource file '/etc/molrc'
MOL kernel module 1.1.38
Loading OF device tree from 'oftrees/oftree.nw'
32MB RAM mapped at 0x20000000
Running in PowerPC 750 mode (G3)
DEC frequency: 0x00989680 (10 MHx), 1000:100 mticks/usec
PCI-bridge 'pci' (bus 0..1) installed at 0x80000000
PCI-bridge DEC,21154 at 0:13
Heathrow, (1:05) found
Using nvram-image 'nvram/nvram.nw'
Video module 'xvideo' installed.
Running on VT 8.
Using console mouse driver
** Video mode '1600x1200-76' is unavailable
--- many other unavailable modes
** Video mode '640x480-60' is unavailable
console_video: No usable console video modes were found
Video module 'console_video' not installed.
MODE: 640*480, depth 15, 0.0 Hz
MODE: 800*600, depth 15, 0.0 Hz
MODE: 1024*768, depth 15, 0.0 Hz
MODE: 1152*864, depth 15, 0.0 Hz
MODE: 1280*1024, depth 15, 0.0 Hz
MODE: 1600*1200, depth 15, 0.0 Hz
No video mode match the default one.
Starting in video mode 640*480, depth 15, 0.0 Hz  [offs:0, rb:1280]
osi_enet: Attached to network interface <eth0>
osi_enet: Ethernet address is: 00 05 02 26 37 1b
osi_scsi: *** OSI SCSI DISABLED **

HFS disk:    95 MB,  /dev/sda      [read-write]    start:      592, len:  
HFS disk:  1024 MB,  /dev/hda14    [read-write]

Mapping GC at 80800000
Starting emulation...

RTAS instantiated at 00004000
************ WARNING, phandle == 0 ***********
********* of_quiesce *********
  000007D0   00000002   00000016   00000012   00000015   00000006  
osi_log: kOpenCommand

and the launch window displays a '>' prompt.

Can anyone suggest a next step?

Tom Stiller

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