wu-ftpd setup problem

wu-ftpd setup problem

Post by john slimi » Tue, 06 Mar 2001 12:06:59

I have two linux machines, both running
RH 6.0. One is running wu-ftpd like a champ,
but the other responds to every ftp connection request
by first asking for:

     User (default): zifl (valid username)
<message from ftpd>
     password: -here I type a valid password--

then I get the message:

     password incorrect

and I am dismissed.

How can I make wu-ftpd aware of me and other users?

Thanks in advance

john slimick


1. wu-ftpd setup problem

Hi. Im trying to get wu-ftpd to work properly. I have a RedHat 7.1 machine
with 2 NIC.s, one for my internal network and one for Internet access
(Cable-modem). I set ftp in /etc/services to use port 5678 or something
instead of the default 21 (My ISP blocks port 21). One of my windows
machines can do this with War FTP so my ISP is not to blame :-)

If I try to connect from within my internal network, it works fine, but if I
try to connect on the internet interface it doesn't work. I get error code
6001 or something back...

When I installed Redhat 7.1 I didn't change anything from the default
installation regarding IPChains and stuff, I wonder if something somewhere
stops wu-ftpd to use my internet interface.....

Is there some commandline option to wu-ftpd that controls what interfaces it
should use ? I start it through xinetd.d....

I havent changed any of the access controls files in /etc....They seem to me
to just control user access, Not what interfaces to use....

I have looked through /usr/share/doc/wu-ftp for information about this, but
I havent found anything...

Any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou.


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