Lizard dies on me

Lizard dies on me

Post by Foo » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Well, I have a nice pretty Lizard installation that is going all nice
and pretty-like. I install it onto a partition pre-prepared with
PartitionMagic, Caledra Edition (1.0g)
The format process seems instantaneous. Maybe PM pre-formatted it...

I get as far as the Select installation screen. I go for a Standard
installation. The little bar at the bottom that is labeled 'Packages'
immediately goes all the way full. I go on through the Sound, LILO, and
time-zone screen, and wait as I play Tetris. That little blue bar is
sitting there, still at 100%.

I look at the help. Apparently something post-installation should be
going on now. But ity doesn't. I wait about half an hour doing other
stuff... then I get sick andtired of waiting and quit.

I ask, why this odd behavior? What should I look into to find out more?

Oh... I hope I don't need to go LISA...
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