RedHat 4.0 failed to activate modem at boot time

1. 4.1 SCSI boot fails, 4.0->4.1 upgrade boot OK


I installed 4.1 from scratch on a Digital Celebris P133 box [Phoenix 4.14
BIOS] with an Adaptec AIC 7850 SCSI controller and a 2GB Seagate Barracuda
SCSI disk. The install goes fine [I have to boot from floppy as this system
doesn't support bootable CDROM].

After install, I cannot boot from the disk [which shows up as C: i.e.

If I install 4.0 from scratch and then *upgrade* to 4.1 it boots OK. I have
duplicated this on a 2nd machine [same kind of box, but 3 SCSI disks].

I understand that the 4.1 i386 bootstrap code is 2x bigger. Is there some
magic that needs to happen for an older BIOS to work with the new boot
system? I tried 'boot0cfg -o packet' but got no improvement. The system
fails to boot whether I use the boot manager or the basic FreeBSD-only

Thanks - Jeff Stelzner

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