which g++ (and headers/libs, etc) for gcc 2.7.0?

which g++ (and headers/libs, etc) for gcc 2.7.0?

Post by Rachel Polansk » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I have gcc 2.7.0 installed and working, but now I want to put
g++ on as well.

Since it's been a while now since gcc 2.7.0 was released, I can't
find a version of g++ to complement it.

Is g++ a separate distribution to gcc or do they share something?

Where can I get the g++ that complements gcc 2.7.0 ?

Please don't ask me to upgrade to 2.7.2, I am not convinced of it yet,
and I am not an upgrade freak, gcc 2.7.0 works fine as is...



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Hi Linuxers,

I just got a new copy of gcc-2.4.5 and source code of the pl11.
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Your answer is very appreciated.  Please send answer directly
to my address or the corresponding interest parties to reduce
the network load.  Thank you in advance.


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