Help! NexStor NXT-82 not recognized

Help! NexStor NXT-82 not recognized

Post by Michael Eber » Tue, 07 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I tried to install Linux on my friend's pc, but his SCSI controller
NXT-82 from NexStor wasn't recognized during boot-up sequence. I tried
to find some information in the readme's and howto's, but it seems like
the NexStor-family is quite unknown to Linux (I didn't hear about this
company before, either).

Any help appreciated.

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Hi Folks, well I'm (un)lucky enough to have a NexStor NXT-82 local bus SCSI card. The bad news is that it isn't supported by Linux. Okay so I'm a semi-competent C programmer and I thought I'd try and write a driver for this card so that I can run Linux. Unfortunately NexStor aren't playing ball, its not that they've said they won't tell me how to program the card, but despite two faxes and a letter I haven't heard anything from them. Perhaps they've gone bust or moved or something, but I was hoping somone

could tell me how to get in touch with them so that I can try and get the required info. The fax number I tried was 010-1408-262-1082 (which is a fax but may not be correct) and the address I have is NexStor Inc, 631 South Milpitas, Milpitas, California 95035. If these are wrong and you know otherwise please tell me, if you happen to have the required info even better. Thanks for your help, if I ever get the info and write a driver you'll all know about it :-) Have fun

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