Need help: keyboard problem

Need help: keyboard problem

Post by Thomas Voi » Sat, 09 May 1998 04:00:00


I have some serious trouble setting up linux on my new PC.
Right after booting the first kernel with loadlin I get a "keyboard
timed out" message  and -yes, you guessed it- my keyboard doesn't
work so I can't configure anything to make the system recognize my
keyboard :-)
I found no kernel parameters that would solve the problem and
also tried several kernels. Anybody knows what's going on ?

I have P200MMX with Intel 430TX, no name board, ps/2 keyboard,
serial mouse, no SCSI. BTW, tweaking the bios setup didn't help

I managed to install linux several times before so I guess I'm
no complete idiot (though I certainly feel like one in this case :-)

Any help is appreciated.

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On my Debian 1.3.0 system, on the console, the Backspace key sends Backspace,
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I've looked at the keyboard map files and at the various programs that
manipulate the keyboard bindings and can't figure out how to fix this.

The "dumpkeys" program says that key 14 (which is just to the right of key
13, the = key), sends Delete, but, unfortunately, it doesn't.  I think this
means that "Delete" is defined somewhere as being a Backspace, not a Delete.
It looks like the "loadkeys" program might be the fix, but I can't tell.

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