Changed serial ports messed up /dev/modem...

Changed serial ports messed up /dev/modem...

Post by William Yodlowsk » Thu, 06 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hello... first a word of thanks to those that helped during my last

I have a Hayes ESP single port board here and found the driver (beta)
module.  Everything with that went just fine, but it changed my port

  the ESP was com1 .. /dev/modem & /dev/cua0
the mouse was com2 .. /dev/mouse & /dev/ttyS1

now that the ESP has a new device name, cua1 became cua0, etc. etc.

I've tried using  ln -fs cua0 mouse  to redirect that and the same for
the new modem device, but I still find I need to respecify exactly where
my mouse & modem are... only X bothers to find my mouse on cua0 because
of my new links.  (Case in point:  gpm)

I'm far too new at this to understand.  Does ttyS0 and cua0 equate to
the same thing?  If so, why?  What do I do?

Please reply via email as this newsgroup moves far too fast for me to
keep up with  :)