trantor t130b scsi controler problem

trantor t130b scsi controler problem

Post by Hrvoje Marjanov » Wed, 10 Jul 1996 04:00:00

In Hardware compatibility howto is clearly stated that linux supports
t130b controler.

In SCSI howto it is described to make it work.

So I made a scsi bootdisk and entered as booting parameter
ramdisk ncr53c400=0x350,255

and it doesn't work.
Booting goes as usual. Nothing new appears. If I put some other
controler, such as ncr5380, it is recognized and reports errors, but
this one never says anything. It seems that it is not compiled in
kernel at all.

I even tried to recompile the kernel, but when I write 'make config'
it doesn't ask me for ncr53c400, also, I saw in source code that line
'#ifdef NCR53C400' appears many times, but it is not defined it seems.

Also in scsi how, it is stated that in some old pre-release version,
ncr53c400 booting option is not supported but I don't think that is
the problem.

So is there anybody who managed to use t130b under linux.

I used Slackware 3.0.0. with scsi kernel version 1.2.13.

Thank you in advance.
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trantor t130b scsi controler problem

Post by zip.. » Wed, 10 Jul 1996 04:00:00

First, I would try to use a 2.x.x Kernel.


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I have a trantor t130b scsi card (isa), a quantum light  730s scsi hd is
set on id 1. when boot up linux (latest loaded.gz created bootdisk), i put
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target 1, lun 0,  but it just keep going with the following:
scsi0: REQ not asserted, phase unknown
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Any help and idea is greatly appreciated. please send me email at

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