Ghost NG. What to use???

Ghost NG. What to use???

Post by William Hyme » Wed, 22 Jan 2003 10:10:39

What will work to back up my
partitions on SuSE Linux?
I have a dual boot Win2K + SuSE
machine and Ghost is not compatable with SuSe.

I want to save a windows partition and
all the linux partitions to image files.
(one image for each partition; or just
the Windows partition with Ghost; and all
the rest of the Linux partitions with something
else) I would prefer to do this from my dos7.0
tcp/ip boot disk, like I do with ghost.

Thanks in advance.



1. "ghost"/dupe SCSI disk alternative to Ghost?

I have an 18G drive with RedHat 6.0 Linux installed (and working great).

I would like to duplicate this 18G SCSI drive, including the boot track,
etc. to another 18G SCSI drive of the same size/tracks, etc.

I have tried using Ghost 5.1d but there is a known problem with Ghost
freezing after transferring about 10.5G. Ghost support acknowledges this
but has no idea if/when a fix will be available.

I also tried some older software I had called "SCSI Duplicator" It works
but winds up sticking a one block DOS partition in between each of my
Linux partitions (boot, swap, ...) and thus messes up the destination

I am trying to find alternative software that will duplicate a disk
containing Linux partitions. Ideally this software would be invoked from
a running a Linux server and dupe the primary disk. BUT rebooting from a
DOS disk or Linux disk is ok if the duplication is speedy and
successful. The intent is to quickly produce a backup "duplicate" of the
primary disk. The method has worked well and been a real life saver in
the past BUT now I can't use it for my systems with drives bigger than

Any suggestions welcomed.

Temporal Arts

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