Help with getting Pro 16 3D SDound Card working under linux

Help with getting Pro 16 3D SDound Card working under linux

Post by The Acoustic Motorbik » Fri, 23 May 1997 04:00:00


P133 w various goodies, including a Pro 16 3D Sound Card
Linux Slackware 3.2 (2.0.29) from Infomagic CD-Rom

I read the Sound-Howto's , Kernel Hoswto's and the various text filesn in
the SOunds directory.
If I recompile my kernel
(make xconfig; make dep; make clean; make zlilo)

It seems to work,
bnut alas it doesn't.
It sais (upon rebooting using lilo)
something like
Starting sound
Sounds started
(or whatevr forgot to write it down, sorry)
which according to another post int hsi group means your sound drivers
aren;t properly loased  ...

Upon rereading my Soudn card manual, I see it's based on the Opti 82C931
chip, which is not listed in the supported cards list (they go to 82C930)

The manual also sais the card is compatible with
- SB pro
- Ad-lib
- MPU-401
- Windows sound system

when doing make xconfig I only actrivated the MAD16Pro option
which didn't work
I tried SB-Pro, MPU-401 && MAD16Pro == Y and still no lcuk

I did put the IRQs & all to the settings in the manual,
I did say Y for /dev/audio and /dev/...

However, when I start up
Workman doesn't work
Playing my stereo over the soundcard doesn't work
the games (KOULES) complain about not being able to open, or insufficient
permissons or ..

In short, Im out of options ..

Has anyone succesfully got his Opti Pro 16 3D Sound Card to work ?

Im now (Shudder) forced to work under Win95, running XCeed to be able to do
workm with some music ;)

Please Cc: your rewplies to

put it politely ..

If I missed something trivial, or didn't read the right docs, please tell
me ..

Thanks in Advance


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