Loadable modules and kernel 2.0.12

Loadable modules and kernel 2.0.12

Post by Country B » Mon, 19 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Well, my upgrade to the 2.0.12 worked.

However, I'm having trouble get loadable modules to work.  

I've add support for the old a.out binaries via loadable module, but
I can't seem to get the module to automatically load when I try
running an old a.out file.  

After I type "insmod binfmt_aout.o" at the shell prompt as root,
though, the old a.out files run fine.  

Isn't the kerneld supposed to load this modules automatically?  
Can anyone suggest to me where I should be looking for the
documentation on this?

FYI;            kernel 2.0.12
                modules package 2.0.0

I followed the instructions for starting up kerneld inside the rc.*
file(s), but I don't know why this still aren't quite right.

If helpful persons could respond via e-mail, I'd appreciate it.  My
server seems to drop postings.

aTdHvAaNnKcSe!  (THANKS in advance!)




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