DRI Problems MGA 400 (16MB) / XFree

DRI Problems MGA 400 (16MB) / XFree

Post by Alex Fitterlin » Thu, 31 Jan 2002 10:10:49


First time in life I got DRI right to work (actually Debian was very
help full!)
and so shapy objects fly from one corner of the screen
to the other in almost tenth of the time it had been doing without hardware

But then I figured out bad side effects. Textures are displayed in a
corrupted way I don't understand. To probe right, I installed quake3
demo, which I thought would give me a good feedback about 3D-Performance,
but that failed...

All I get is a screen more or less distorted and scrambled, and instead of
flicky textures surrounding bad guys there're now more than hundreds little
wired colored shapes, which give it a look very unhealthily. But underneath
I still could recognize remaining ruins of quake menu and game screens,,,

Suddenly I noticed, that also at running the mesa demos things aren't at
the state I was suggesting them. The code using tricky features, such as
texturing and sophisticated lighting effects results all in the same
display misbehavior and looks more or less scrambled, as I described before.

What is wrong ? Has anyone else experienced in this yet ?

The necessary modules are loaded successfully. But which gave me to
speculate was the fact that a few times the "sophisticated demos"  got
crashed and hang my computer. Is it due to a hardware conflict ?


        Alexander Fitterling