slackware 3.1 kernel 2.0.0 dumps core (has to do with modules)

slackware 3.1 kernel 2.0.0 dumps core (has to do with modules)

Post by David Doug » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I just recompiled my 2.0 kernel to customize it to my system.  I decided to try
a couple of modules ppp and slip.  After recompiling I did the usual make
depend; make clean; make zdisk(I use floppy to boot), make modules; make
modules_install and then I linked the module directory to current.
cd lib/modules
ln -s 2.0.0 current  (2.0.0 is the kernel version)
I am using modules 2.0

I then rebooted and I got all kinds of errors about unresolved modules.  I
figured this was because I didn't have a modules.conf file.  I made a
modules.conf by doing something like modprobe -c > /etc/modules.conf.  

I rebooted and again I got the same 20 lines of errors about unresolved
modules. I followed another person's suggestion to put in the word keep in
modules.conf. After rebooting I didn't get any errors about unresolved modules
but now I get a core file in my root directory when I leave the word keep in
there.  If I take it out, I don't get a core file. If I move keep to the middle
of modules.conf the unresolved symbol error messages come back but I don't get
a core file.

What am I doing wrong?  Does this have anything to do with rc.modules?  Where
can I find info on keep?


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I seem to be having a problem with Slackware 3.1.  Ever since upgrading
from 3.0 (Totally wiping out 3.0 first) when I compile tintin++ 1.5pl6
connect to a system, and just hit ^C to break out, I get a core dump/seg
fault...  I don't recall this happening before and it certainly doesn't
happen on some other architectures..

I tried to debug it with gdb but I get a message (no debugging symbols found)
even tho I compiled with -ggdb -DDEBUG...

--- Chris

(Mail me copies of your responses if possible, Tkx!)

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