CDROM Problem: Creative2x + Universal Linux CD

CDROM Problem: Creative2x + Universal Linux CD

Post by h.. » Thu, 04 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi:  I am attempting installation from DOS (and also from boot diskette) using
SB16 Card with Creative 2x CD drive, from Linux Universal CD-Rom (seems to
be Slackware 1.2.something), using as drive sbpcd 0x230,SoundBlaster
(as suggested in the documentation!).  The install finds and acknowledges the
drive, but later, when it tries to read from the drive, prints several device
I/O errors and gives up (Panics from DOS loadlin).  Any Ideas?  This is my
first try.  Wouldthere be any point in picking up a more modern version,
latest Red Hat or the like??          
             Thanks,  Steve Herb


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