SCO ANSI terminal emulation problem

SCO ANSI terminal emulation problem

Post by Andrea Ventur » Sat, 04 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hello, sorry if our little question has been answered previously, we need a
little help in configure a linux box as SCO-UNIX ODT3.0 terminal via telnet..
The SCO 'ANSI' isn't so ANSI:
        no scrolldown in 'vi' editing, only last row is refreshed, and no ANSI color
detect in ingres, no function key...; by the way SCO uses terminfo and INGRES
uses termcap, the environment variables are: TERM=ansi TERM_INGRES=ansif

The same problem in MSDOG WIN31 environment has been resolved using a winsock
telnet client named ANZIO (with the embedded "SCOANSI" driver ;-)

Did anybody find a solution for this annoying problem?

Thanx in advance for your attention, please answer via direct e-mail.