Install Problems - 2940w Adaptec CDROM

Install Problems - 2940w Adaptec CDROM

Post by EZ Trav » Mon, 17 Jul 1995 04:00:00

OK, here's what I've done:

Booted with ahacdrom (downloaded from 6/20)
            color144 (2nd disk from infomagic too)
All is well...
I run 'setup' select 'Target' and select the proper partition to install
to as well as identify the msdos directories (dosc & dosd) and then select
source as CDROM scsi (/dev/scd0) and it can't see it. so I press 'ctrl-c'
get back to the '#' prompt and type mount and notice that the cdrom and
dos dirs aren't mountd; so, I do this
Make directories (cdrom, dosc, dosd):  
mkdir cdrom; mkdir dosc; mkdir dosd;
mount these directories:
mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 cdrom -o ro
mount -t msdos /dev/sda1 dosc
mount -t msdos /dev/sdb1 dosd

Then verify with the mount command that these are mounted. They are!
I verify access to the files there with:
ls dosd
ls dosc
ls cdrom
and all display the files on the devices.

Hmmmmm. One would think I could just run setup and select the source

files - NO setup can't find them....


Do I have to install from the setup?  I mean it looks pretty, but
obviously has a bug(s).  Unix regularly has scripts to do the install.
Does anyone know what they are?  I looked in /usr/lib/setup and can
see INSTCD and other scripts; but without 'vi' or a reasonable editor
to use - cat'ing the file has its limits. It would have been nice to
have 'more' or 'less'.

I am very experienced with unix and would like to get beyond this
CDROM setup problems - any suggestions will be appreciated.


Bob Beaulieu

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1. Problem w/ Adaptec 2940W controller and Red Hat 4.2 install

I'm trying to install Red Hat 4.2. However, the installation program can't
communicate with a SCSI disk on the chain.

I have an Adaptec 2940W SCSI card.  With a Western Digital Wide SCSI
drive and a Seagate SCSI (8 bit) drive.  The installation correctly
identifies the WD drive.  But can't get the drive info from the
Seagate drive.  it sees the drive and recognizes it is an 8-bit device.
However, it times out trying to communication with it, abort and tries
again.  The installation simple loops through this process continually
trying to talk to the seagate drive.  

I can boot Window NT and partition/format the seagate drive so I know
it is functioning properly.  Also, if I try the installation w/o the
WD drive, it still fails to communicate properly with the Seagate.  

The WD drive is SCSI id 0, the seagate SCSI id 1.  I need to access the
seagate, because that is were i will be installing Linux too.  

Any help would be appreciated.

The following is the out message sequence the install program gives
while trying to talk to the seagate drive:

Target 1 Channel A, refusing Wide negotiation, using 8 bit.
SCSI aborting command due to time ou: pid 2, SCSI 0, Channel 0, id 1, lun 0
  Test unit Ready 00 00 00
<4> aic7xxx (abort) Aborting scb 0, TCL 1/0/0
<4> SCSI  host 0 abort (pid 2) timed out reseting
<4> SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0
<4> aic7xxx (reset) target/channel 1/0
<4> aic7xxx (abort_reset) scb state 0x1, data-out phase, SCSISIGI=0x0
<4> aic7xxx (reset_device) target/channel -1/A, active_scb 0
<4> aic7xxx (match_scb) comparing target/channel -1/A to scb 1/A
<4> aic7xxx (reset_channel) channel reset, sequence restarted
<4> aic7xxx (done_aborted_scbs) Aborting scb 0, TCL=1/0/0

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