Strange boot up error messages ?!?!?!

Strange boot up error messages ?!?!?!

Post by Dave Toppe » Thu, 08 May 1997 04:00:00

Upgrading to Slackware 3.2 has been hell.

I now get the following error messages:

Going multiuser...

May  7 18:48:11 modprobe: Can't locate module net-pf-4  << what?
May  7 18:48:11 modprobe: Can't locate module net-pf-5  <<

SIOCADDRT: No such device
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
Mounting remote file systems...

Starting daemons: syslogd klogd portmap inetd lpd1997-05-07-18:48:14 lpd
al_host: hostname 'topper' bad

mountd nfsd
Starting sendmail daemon (/usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -q 15m)...
Running gpm...

I did not used to get such messages under kernel 2.0.28.

Any help would REALLY be appreciated.

David Topper (me)
Research Assistant
Columbia University Center for Computer Music
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1. Boot issues (will Windows 95 boot from the 2nd drive withBootEasy???; strange error message with wd0)

Two more questions from a FreeBSD newbie:

I have two HDDs: one is WD21600H (1.6 GB) with Windows 95 currently
installed on it; the other is an old Seagate S3290A drive (290 MB), with
a very small (10 MB) DOS partition, and the rest is a big partition with
FreeBSD 2.2.7-RELEASE. The smaller drive is primary master, with
FreeBSD's boot manager installed on it.

1) Irrespective of whether my Windows drive is primary slave or
secondary master, I get the following at the booting time. FreeBSD boot
manager offers me with 3 choices: "DOS", "FreeBSD", and "2nd disk". If I
choose "2nd disk", however, DOS starts booting. I know that Windows must
normally be on the 1st drive, but for some reasons, it would be much
more convenient for me to have my FreeBSD drive as primary master. Is it
at all possible to boot Windows 95 from the 2nd drive with FreeBSD's
boot manager? (I know that it _is_ possible with some commercial
products like BootIt by TeraByte Unlimited.)

2) My motherboard is Intel MARL, with PCI IDE controller (Intel PIIX,
with Bus Mastering). When my bigger drive is installed as primary slave,
everything is OK. When I install it as a secondary master (i.e., I have
wd0 on wdc0 and wd2 at wdc1, without wd1 drive on wdc0), the system
boots almost the same way, finds the wdc1 controller, but issues 1
additional message:

wd0: wdcontrol: wdcommand failed reading fsbn0 wd0: status 1<err> error

Could any kind soul out there explain what does it mean? I can use my
FreeBSD, mount everything from any of the two drives after that, so I
haven't figured out yet what is the error, and what are its (possible)
consequences? By the way: when configuring devices during FreeBSD
instalaltion, it shoes wdc0 and wdc1 among ISA devices, and wdc0 among
PCI devices (i.e., those you cannot configure manually). Does it relate
somehow to my situation? (Like should I reconfigure something manually
with those 2 "ISA wdc"'s, if in fact I have a PCI IDE controller with
two channels?

Many thanks in advance. Sorry for lengthy questions...


Maksym Kozub
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