linux for sparc install disks

linux for sparc install disks

Post by Jonathan Gour » Mon, 08 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I used rawrite to make the boot floppy for sparc. I cannot make the
machine boot off of the floppy. When I told it to 'boot floppy' nothing
happened and when I used 'boot fd()' nothing happened. Now I can't even
get to the PROM promt because it keeps looking to go out to the ethernet
port for boot images. Any help in getting the PROM prompt back and or
making it boot from the floppy would be greatly appreciated.



1. Installing ST19171WC disk on Sparc 5

I have a used Sparc 5 with a 2GB IBM drive in it....just not enough.  So I
went to Ebay and found a 9GB SCA drive: Seagate "Barracuda" ST19171WC.

I installed the drive in the system and started with "boot -r".  After it
was done doing its thing, I ran a few commands from Sun's web site to make
devices (link), and ran format.  Format shows the drive as c0t1d0 with my
original boot disk still at c0t3d0, but it says "Drive type unknown".  If I
select that drive and attempt Auto-configure, I get "Auto configure failed".

I booted again and did a probe-scsi, and it sees the drive and displays the
manufacturer & model number and all of that....isn't that all it needs for

Well, I looked up the drive config on the web and told it how many
heads/cyl/spt, created a partition table, labelled, and formatted....and got
"format failed".  What am I doing wrong?  Guess it's been longer than I
thought since my last stint as a Solaris admin. ;)


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