setting up linux on toshiba tecra 8000

setting up linux on toshiba tecra 8000

Post by anindya1.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am trying to setup linux(got it from linux- on my tecra 8000. I had NT on the
laptop. I installed linux on different partition
but I have two problems.

1. when it boots up, the system hangs at
LI...If I try to boot from the disk(during linux
intallation,I made boot disk also), it comes up

2. Also the windows running on linux seems to
repaint very slowly... It appears as if you are
using X-windows on a dialup.

Thanks in advance,

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1. linux on toshiba tecra 8000

Hi, all,

I have installed Redhat 6.0 on my laptop, tecra 8000. Most components
are fine. I do seem to have one major problem -- not able to communicate
using either the modem that is built in or through any PCMCIA
network card (I have tried three different ones: Xircom, 3com and
D-Link DFE 10/100, another borrowed one that is purely 10Mbps one).
No luck :-(

Modem I heard is a winmodem -- so I have not even made any efforts to
get it to work.

More seriously, I seem to have a problem with PCMCIA altogether!

Any one aware of the situation with PCMCIA and tecra let me know what
the prognosis is? Gleaning from the info on the web, because of ToPic97
or some such problem, this appears to be a dead end? (I hope people in
the market for a new laptop are reading my post!)

Am I right in my conclusions?

Ramki Thurimella

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