Problems after /var moved

Problems after /var moved

Post by anon5.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a problem after moving my /var to a new drive.
I am trying to move my system to a new drive and doing
it by copying one partition at a time to my new drive,
editing my fstab and mounting the new partition.  

The problem I am having is with my /var partition.
After mounting my new partition and booting all goes good
till I try and start more than one graphical gui.  At
that time the gui I am changing from dies.  I have not
figured out what is causing it to die.  I can remount
my old var and  all goes fine so I think it has to be
how the new file system was created.

So this is what I did.  Created a new partition and mounted
it as /mnt/var and copied from /var to /mnt/var using
(cd /var && tar -clpf - . )|(cd /mnt/var && tar -xvf -)
I then edited my fstab and rebooted.  

After failure I looked at the new file system and found
some of the permissions were not corrrect in the new
file system.  I tried to manually change a few with little
luck.  Beyond that everything looks good to me.  I am at
a loss as to what has gone wrong.

Now I have done the same with my /home and /usr system
with the above method and all has worked fine.  It is
only the var I am having problems with.

So any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Thanks... CDR

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