Problem configuring modem on cua3

Problem configuring modem on cua3

Post by Nathan Kenned » Sun, 14 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm somewhat new to administering linux systems...
I have an old 386 with an external modem on cua1, works

But my p200 dual boots win95 (trying to phase it out but have
to use it for net until I get the modem working) it recognizes
the internal modem on COM4.

I cannot get any response out of cua3 using cat or minicom
or what have you.  The Serial HOWTO,  I believe, stated
something like "Due to IBM's stupidity sometimes ttyS3
[i assume also cua3] cannot be recognized and running
setserial should fix" and I ran setserial on cua3 with the
port and irq options but had no effect.

If ANYONE can help me, please e-mail me with ideas
or for furthur information.  THANKS in advance.



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hi all:
i had posted several times my problem regarding my modem which is
perfectly working through the command line(minicom,ppp) but does not
respond at all when runing the xfree86 (neither ezppp nor
minicom,sayon)trying all howto's ,man pages.....
i have tried  all differnt kinds of irq settings .now i wonder if the
xfree can recogniz the cua3 at all. is there anybody that has installed
an internal modem on this port??? does xfree86 have conflict with this
port ??? (like what windows had before!?)
please let me know your experience?? i realy appreciate any help.

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