Problems setting up 'amd' - won't automount

Problems setting up 'amd' - won't automount

Post by Richard Senio » Wed, 02 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I've been trying to set up 'amd' to do various automounts for me but I
haven't had much success. I've read the tex info pages that come with it
but I can't get even basic operations to work.

For example, consider the following simple map file (

C       host==localhost;type=ufs;fs=/dev/hda1

If I run amd as:

# amd ~/C

shouldn't the /dev/hda1 partition get mounted and listed when I try an
'ls' of ~/C ???

I've made sure nfsd, mountd and portmap are running. There's an entry
(vfat because it's my Win95 partition) in /etc/fstab for /dev/hda1 and
it's not mounted when I start amd. I can mount it manually on
'localhost' with NFS.

The partition doesn't get mounted but it creates the mount point ~/C and
leaves a few processes running:

 1868  ?  S    00:00:00 nfsd
 1870  ?  S    00:00:00 mountd
 1902  ?  SW   00:00:00 nfsiod
 1903  ?  SW   00:00:00 nfsiod
 1904  ?  SW   00:00:00 nfsiod
 1905  ?  SW   00:00:00 nfsiod
 1959  ?  R    00:05:45 amd /root/amd
 1960  ?  S    00:00:00 amd /root/amd
 2130   1 R    00:00:00 ps -ax

If I run 'amq' I get "amq: localhost: RPC: Timed out".

Am I missing a piece of the jigsaw?

I'm running Unifix Linux 2.0 with a 2.0.28 kernel and amd


Richard Senior
London, England