Linux Universe CD steup?

Linux Universe CD steup?

Post by fpauli » Fri, 07 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Does the fact that my cd-rom (unknown make ) is configured as drive d:
explain why the bootup cannot find said cd-rom?  I'm using the Linux
Universe cd, the machine is a HP FORCE 845 cd . Again the cd is
configured  as drive d: and the only reference to it during "regular"
startup is a mscdex driver in the autoexec.bat file.  Any insight would be
much appreciated.

Frank Paulino

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1. Help on Linux Universe CD set please..To all you Linux GURUS out there

As it goes all the people who had helped me previously... Thank you..
But another problem arises..Maybe the authors can help me now..

I have made a boot disk using Rawwrite.exe and that was succesful..
when I booted using the disk a menu comes up informing me what drive to
select to boot from.. I select the a drive. On one of the lines I am able to
pass parameters.. and on the bottom I can specify the drive where the Linux
CD is located. OK Now for the first try I Did not touch the parameters above
where it said RAM and CRAM I left those at default
and on the bottom I placed sbpcd=0x230

As I boot a whole bunch of lines scroll past the screen..
sorry could not get some of them

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