"Cannot continue, aborting"

"Cannot continue, aborting"

Post by Bruce Kwa » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I have a Dell XPS500 with two separate hard drives (25G,18G).
I have Windows 98 running on the primary IDE drive and
RH6.1 on the other. I am using LILO to manage the OS's.

Immediately after loading on Linux, the system booted up to
Linux just fine. However, after going into Windows 98,
the subsequent attempts to boot into Linux have resulted in
an error:

Checking root filesystem
/dev/hdb1 is mounted. Cannot continue, aborting.


***An error occurred during the file system check.

Does anyone know what is going wrong? I tried re-loading
LILO. One time, I shutdown from Windows98 (not restarted)
and then I was able to boot up into Linux...once. After that,
it never worked again.

Presently, I must use a floppy disk to boot up in Linux which
is a pain.

Please email me with any suggestions! Thanks!



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