How to change mounted floppy permissions?

How to change mounted floppy permissions?

Post by hspe.. » Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Just installed Dec. 96 release of Red Hat.
Mounted floppy drive.  While in root, tried to change permissions so
users could write to floppy drive.  Used chmod 777 from root.  But the
permissions stayed the same.

Is it supposed to be this way where only root has write access to a
floppy?  Any ideas on how I can give write access to all users?

TIA, Hank


1. User permissions with ext2 mounted floppy

Find out the User ID (command: id) on the machine where you don't have
root rights. Then create an account on your own linux box with exactly
that id.

If you want to keep your user id, change your id in /etc/passwd _and_
change the owner of all your files e.g. via
find /home/username | xargs chown
(do this as root).

good luck!
Michael Kress

WWW  :| from Homburg/Saar, Germany

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