Slackware setup menu always goes back to menu

Slackware setup menu always goes back to menu

Post by eric ball » Tue, 29 Aug 1995 04:00:00

This is different.  I have a customer with Slackware 2.3 on
floppies.  The machine only has 4MB of memory, so I've walked
them through the process of creating a swap partition and
turning it on.  So now at least they get to the login prompt
on boot up.

But when they login as root to run the setup menus, they
can't do anything.  They can move around, but enter and escape
always take them back to exactly the same menu...

Any ideas?  They have installed the a, ap, and d disk sets.



1. Color gone from Setup Menu (SVGALIB - problem?)

I've setup Slackware 2.1 with Linux 1.1.59 kernel on a DX33/8meg/2 ide hds/
Tseng ET4000 at bus card. The Setup program used to hangup when booted but
netters have suggested that gpm be killed, so I removed gpm from rc.local.
Setup now works but the menu is in b&w. Have I screwed-up SVGALIB somewhere?

On a related subject, I ran TSENG3.exe from DOS to get the possible
video modes for the vgalib.et4000 config file. When trying to start gs,
all I get is a white screen. Control C will get me out. Running vgatest
will work in some of the modes - so it's not that my video card isn't working
at all in graphics modes.

Any help is very much appreciated!!!


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